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Conferences & Podcasts.

Throughout my career journey, I have had the privilege of engaging with various thought-provoking conferences and podcasts. These opportunities have not only expanded my knowledge but have also allowed me to share insights, ideas, and experiences with a diverse range of professionals and listeners. In this context, I'd like to highlight some of the impactful moments and discussions that have enriched my journey.

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Beginning Teacher Wednesdays: Episode Eleven- Conflict Resolution (Mannu Sikka) on Apple Podcasts

I emphasize the significance of conflict resolution and provide educators with effective strategies for navigating conflicts.


How to Teach Fluency at Every Grade Level - Mannu Sikka | The OC for Social Studies

Fluency instruction extends beyond primary grades. In this video, I share strategies for teaching fluency in grades K-12 and beyond, along with the compelling reasons why it's crucial to do so.

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Session 7- Live Discussion: Knowledge Building in Literacy | The OC for Social Studies

In this live conversation, my colleagues and I delve into a range of methods and tactics for integrating literacy into the teaching of social studies.

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